DISQOVER workshop 2020

Because of the complications caused by the COVID-19 virus, the workshop will be postponed. New dates are not yet fixed.

March 31. – April 3. 2020 in Greifswald/Germany

Idea and content
Quantitative methods are of increasing importance in palynology. In the
workshop we introduce the principle of some main methods and explain their
application in the R environment for statistical computing, using tools from
the disqover package. We practice application using real data. The work-
shop gives room to discuss current problems and future developments

Preliminary program
Day 1: Regional scale vegetation reconstruction with REVEALS, ROPES and EDA
Day 2: Local scale vegetation reconstruction with Marco Polo and the LRA
Day 3: Calibrating PPEs with both surface and core data
Day 4: Practicing + Discussion of future plans

DISQOVER package
The R-package DISQOVER is a collection of quantitative methods in palynology. We started its development for three main reasons:

  • to provide implementations that are easy to use and that can be automatised to handle large data sets
  • to provide full flexibility in the underlying parameters, including pollen dispersal
  • to stimulate critical discussion on the methods and parameters as a basis of future development.

During the course we introduce the principles of each approach, introduce and train application in R and discuss strength and weaknesses of the approaches.

The number of participants is limited to 15.
Fees: There is no workshop fee, we just ask for ~20 € for snacks and coffee.
Organizers: Almut Mrotzek, John Couwenberg, Martin Theuerkauf
Contact: martin.theuerkauf@uni-greifswald.de

2 thoughts on “DISQOVER workshop 2020

  1. Esra Ergin

    I’ve just seen your page and very excited, I’m a PhD student and studying on pollen vegetation relationship in Turkey. It would be very meaningful for me to attend this course. Do you have any plans to do the course online?

    1. theuerkaum Post author

      Hello Esra,
      so far there is no alternative date. I was hoping we could connect to course to another meeting, such as the IPC/IOPC in Prague. But everything is canceled for this year. I put you on my list.


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